Uncover Hidden Destiny 2 VoG Collectibles: Embark on an Epic Hunt!

Uncover Hidden Destiny 2 VoG Collectibles: Embark on an Epic Hunt!

Destiny 2, the popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game, has captivated players with its immersive gameplay and expansive world. One of the most highly anticipated additions to the game is the Vault of Glass (VoG) raid, a nostalgic throwback to the original Destiny. As players gear up to explore this epic raid, they will also have the opportunity to collect a range of unique and valuable items scattered throughout the VoG. These collectibles, which include exclusive weapons, armor, and other treasures, not only serve as mementos of triumph but also offer rare and powerful advantages in battles to come. In this article, we will delve into the world of VoG collectibles, providing a comprehensive guide on how to obtain them, their significance in the game, and the strategies players can employ to maximize their chances of acquiring these coveted items. Whether you are a seasoned Destiny 2 player or a newcomer to the franchise, this article will serve as your ultimate companion in the hunt for VoG collectibles.

  • Vault of Glass (VoG) Collectibles: Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass raid introduces several collectibles that players can find and collect throughout their journey.
  • Unique Weapons and Armor: VoG collectibles include unique weapons and armor pieces that offer powerful perks and designs. These collectibles can significantly enhance a player’s gameplay experience and provide a sense of accomplishment.
  • Hidden Chests: Within the Vault of Glass raid, players can discover hidden chests that contain valuable loot and collectibles. These chests are often tucked away in secret areas and require exploration and puzzle-solving skills to locate.
  • Triumphs and Emblems: Collecting VoG collectibles contributes to various Triumphs, which are special achievements that showcase a player’s accomplishments. Additionally, players can earn unique emblems that display their dedication and success in conquering the Vault of Glass.


  • Enhanced Gameplay Experience: One advantage of Destiny 2 Vault of Glass (VoG) collectibles in English is that they contribute to an enhanced gameplay experience. By collecting these items throughout the game, players can unlock various rewards, such as new gear, weapons, or cosmetic items. This not only adds a sense of achievement and progression for players, but also encourages exploration and thoroughness within the game world.
  • Community Engagement and Collaboration: Destiny 2 VoG collectibles also foster community engagement and collaboration among players. The search for collectibles often requires teamwork, coordination, and communication among fireteams. This collaborative aspect of the game encourages players to connect with others, form alliances, and strategize together to find and obtain these valuable items. This not only strengthens the social aspect of the game, but also provides opportunities for players to learn from each other and share their experiences, creating a more inclusive and enjoyable gaming community.
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  • Limited availability: One major disadvantage of Destiny 2 VOG collectibles is that they are often available for a limited time only. This means that players who miss out on the opportunity to collect certain items during specific events or seasons may never have the chance to obtain them again. This can be frustrating for completionists or players who join the game at a later stage.
  • RNG-based drops: Another drawback of VOG collectibles in Destiny 2 is that their acquisition is often dependent on random number generation (RNG) drops. This means that players have no control over obtaining specific items and must rely on luck. This can lead to a prolonged and frustrating grind as players attempt to obtain desired collectibles but face repeated disappointments.
  • Time-consuming grind: Collecting all the VOG collectibles in Destiny 2 can be a time-consuming task. Some items may require players to complete numerous challenging activities or missions repeatedly, which can become monotonous and tedious. This can be discouraging for players who don’t have enough time to invest in the game or prefer a more casual playstyle.
  • Lack of in-game storage: Destiny 2 does not provide ample in-game storage for the vast number of collectibles available in the game, including those from VOG. This means that players often have to make difficult choices about which items to keep and which to discard, leading to potential regret and frustration. Additionally, limited storage can make it difficult to showcase or display collected items, diminishing the overall satisfaction of obtaining them.

What are the different types of collectibles available in Destiny 2 Vault of Glass (VoG)?

Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass (VoG) offers a range of collectibles for players to discover and add to their inventory. These collectibles include powerful weapons, unique armor pieces, and exclusive cosmetic items. Players can obtain the coveted Fatebringer hand cannon, Praedyth’s Revenge sniper rifle, and the iconic Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle. Additionally, VoG offers exclusive armor sets with distinctive designs, giving players the chance to customize their Guardians’ appearance. Collecting these items not only enhances gameplay effectiveness but also adds a sense of accomplishment and prestige for Destiny 2 players.

Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass (VoG) is a treasure trove of collectibles, including powerful weapons like the Fatebringer hand cannon and the Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle. Exclusive armor sets with unique designs allow players to customize their Guardians’ appearance, adding a sense of accomplishment and prestige. VoG offers a rewarding gameplay experience for Destiny 2 players looking to enhance their inventory and showcase their achievements.

How do I obtain and track collectibles in Destiny 2 VoG?

In Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass (VoG), collecting and tracking various items can be a captivating task. To obtain collectibles, players must explore the raid and defeat enemies, which can drop exclusive loot. The most sought-after collectibles are the Vex Mythoclast Exotic weapon and the Vault of Glass armor sets. To track progress, Guardians can consult the Triumphs tab in the menu, displaying milestones and achievements related to VoG collectibles. By diligently hunting for these items and monitoring their Triumphs, players can enhance their Destiny 2 experience and showcase their accomplishments.

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Collecting and tracking various items in Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass raid adds an exciting element to gameplay. By defeating enemies and exploring the raid, players have the chance to obtain exclusive loot such as the coveted Vex Mythoclast Exotic weapon and Vault of Glass armor sets. Tracking progress through the Triumphs tab allows Guardians to showcase their accomplishments and enhance their Destiny 2 experience.

Are there any specific strategies or tips for finding rare collectibles in Destiny 2 VoG?

When it comes to finding rare collectibles in the Vault of Glass (VoG) raid in Destiny 2, there are a few strategies and tips that can greatly enhance your chances. Firstly, thorough exploration is key. Take your time to search every nook and cranny of each encounter, as hidden chests and secret areas often hold valuable treasures. Additionally, completing specific challenges, such as the weekly challenge modes or the hidden triumphs, can reward you with unique and rare collectibles. Lastly, joining a dedicated fireteam or seeking help from experienced players can provide valuable insight and guidance in locating these elusive items.

If you want to find rare collectibles in the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2, it’s important to explore thoroughly, complete challenges, and seek help from experienced players. Hidden chests, secret areas, and specific challenges can offer valuable treasures, while a dedicated fireteam can provide guidance in locating these elusive items.

Unveiling the Secrets: Exploring the Hidden Collectibles in Destiny 2 Vault of Glass

The Vault of Glass in Destiny 2 holds a multitude of hidden collectibles waiting to be discovered by players. As guardians venture through this complex raid, they will stumble upon secret pathways, hidden rooms, and elusive chests. These collectibles range from powerful weapons and armor pieces to rare emblems and shaders. Each one adds a unique touch to a guardian’s arsenal, granting them new abilities and enhancing their gameplay experience. With its intricate design and mysterious treasures, the Vault of Glass is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

The Vault of Glass in Destiny 2 is not only a visually stunning raid but also a haven for secret collectibles. From hidden rooms to elusive chests, players will uncover powerful weapons, rare emblems, and unique shaders. These treasures enhance a guardian’s abilities, providing an immersive and rewarding gameplay experience. Explore the intricacies of the Vault of Glass and uncover its hidden treasures.

Treasures of the Timeless: A Comprehensive Guide to Collectibles in Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass Raid

Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass raid is a treasure trove of collectibles waiting to be discovered. This comprehensive guide takes players on a journey through the mythical raid, revealing the hidden gems and unique items that lie within. From powerful weapons and armor sets to rare emblems and shaders, the Vault of Glass offers a wide array of rewards for those willing to brave its challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned Guardian or new to the game, this guide will ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the timeless treasures that await you in the Vault of Glass.

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This comprehensive guide to Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass raid uncovers the plethora of hidden collectibles within. From coveted weapons and armor to exclusive emblems and shaders, this mythical raid offers an abundance of rewards for both seasoned players and newcomers alike. Don’t miss out on the timeless treasures that await you in the Vault of Glass.

In conclusion, the collection of Destiny 2 Vault of Glass (VoG) collectibles adds a new layer of excitement and exploration for players. These collectibles not only serve as mementos of their achievements but also provide valuable lore and backstory to the game’s rich universe. The intricate design and hidden locations of these collectibles encourage players to delve deeper into the VoG raid, uncovering secrets and unraveling mysteries. Whether it be the elusive Aegis relic or the mythic Vex Mythoclast, each collectible represents a tangible reward for the hours of dedication and skill required to conquer the VoG raid. As Destiny 2 continues to evolve and expand, the inclusion of collectibles like these further enriches the player experience, ensuring that the adventures within the Vault of Glass are truly unforgettable. So, gather your fireteam, sharpen your weapons, and embark on a journey through time and space as you seek out these precious VoG collectibles and etch your name as a legend in Destiny 2.